Our Business      
Back in 1975 when the business started, there were soldiers on the border between Hong Kong and China and Vietnamese boat people were flocking into fortified refugee camps. Sunlite operated in the dense industrial maze of Kwun Tong factories that was becoming the industrial heartland of Hong Kong. Then in 1980, Deng Xiao Ping made his legendary southern trip and the opening up of Shenzhen began. Right through those pioneering
years from 1980 to 2000, as Shenzhen grew from a sleepy town to a 15 million strong megapolis, Sunlite was there - a growth that never stopped day or night, driving the Pearl River Delta Region forward, until it became the factory of the world.
Sunlite is still there with its 7 core group companies, 35 years of experience, a multi national management team, and an unrivalled network of contacts and associations.